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About Complete Business InfoTech

Bulksmsadvertising.in is an information products and services company based in Delhi. We develop innovative mass-market Products serving thousands of Customers in National Level. It offers Mobility solutions, Consultancy and SMS Solutions across the horizon.

Our customers include startups, SME’s and Big Corporate houses. We have a vast experience of working with major brands across categories, being their preferred solution partner for Mobility services by offering them world class services thus enabling businesses to focus on their core activities and leaving the technical part to us.

Our company philosophy has always focused on customer satisfaction with uncompromising integrity. We create services with the finest value and quality in the market. We provide services that have made a difference in the way business is done. Our Services are simple yet powerful, inexpensive yet valuable, they revolutionize business processes with the simplest of IT infrastructure by incorporating innovative technologies & ideas that help our customers realize their potential with minimum efforts and maximum gain.

Our Mission

Bulksmsadvertising.in is managed by a team of experts, consultants as well as technologists, rest assured that our time tested approach, methodologies and proven track record make us unique in this industry

Our commitment level to clients/partners is 100% guaranteed and this commitment is an obligation to maintain the highest standards and deliver quality product, services and solutions We provide our customers the best of advertising solutions for their businesses. We have used our online advertising expertise and marketing insight to deliver top quality results for clients. our specialists work closely with clients to ensure all campaign objectives are met. Our processes and systems are designed in such a way that our customers have a clear understanding of when and how they may be involved in the roll-out of a solution. Clear points for external quality assurance and sign-off are flagged in each project. These points are communicated by way of development schedules and milestones via Busy Place.

Bulksmsadvertising.in is an ever-growing company that specialised in providing a leading edge of products and services in the SMS messaging industry. As a growing company, we look in the future to include a suite of world-class products and services to our valued customers.

We provide carrier-grade mobile messaging solutions, with the option of advance application integration to ensure a rapid, cost-effective time-to-market. Catering for all volumes of use, Bulk SMS Advertising offers real-time, secure, unlimited deployment of SMS delivery, utilising innovative technology in both the outbound and inbound application.

We provide a wide range of immediate text messaging solutions (SMS). No matter if it is a 1-to-1 Messaging, Individualised Desktop applications, Broadcasting SMS or just access to our SMS Gateway to send messages from your database, Bulk SMS Advertising has the ideal solution for all company needs. Bulk SMS Advertising wireless products are easily implemented by wireless carriers, or by businesses through our SMS Network. Bulk SMS Advertising has applications for improving most personal and enterprise mobility.

Bulksmsadvertising.in positions itself as the leader in identifying, developing, implementing, branding and maintaining dynamic marketing, advertising and communication concepts through the utilization of SMS messaging solutions.

Bulk voice calls are pre-recorded voice messages to a mobile or landline networks across the India. Bulk voice calls are automated calls which involves automated dialing multiple numbers at once using computer managed lists, playing a pre-recorded message to automatically dialed mobile or landline numbers.This communication technique of bulk voice calls has the advantage of most penetrative reach and personalized messages.

Bulk voice call Platform allows you to send the Voice Ads/Pre recorded voice message in known language to any mobile or landline networks across the India. Bulk Voice Calls is a powerful tools for publicity of the products/pass the message. The major advantage of bulk voice call is, it provides access to many targeted people in relatively short period of time.


Our diverse client base ranges from startups companies to SME’s to major Corporations. We serve clients in virtually every sector across India. We are committed to providing each customer, regardless of size or volume of business, the best experience and advice in choosing the right business solutions as per the need. We understand that our future is ultimately linked to the success of our customers.

Bulksmsadvertising.in is a leading mobile services company providing high quality, cross-carrier SMS services to businesses worldwide.

Services Overview

Bulksmsadvertising.in is Group SMS software, it enables you to send hundreds or thousands or lacs of SMS’es right from your computer in Just 3 Simple Steps. You Just need to:-

  1. Set the from Name/Number & Message
  2. Select your contacts / contact group.
  3. Click on Send.

It is that simple, No need for technical knowledge, No need to configure servers, Its just Set-Paste-Send all the way.

Contact Us

Address: Complete Business Infotech
               F- 97 Basement Katwaria Sarai
               New Delhi- 110016, India
Telephone: +91-9311142969
E-mail: sanjit@bulksmsadvertising.in